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We bring you last week's top former Hawks players who are currently playing in pro basketball.

   #1. Khapri Alston (6'5''-F-94, played in 2013-14, plays pro in Chile) led Club Deportivo Valdivia to a 2-point victory over the third-ranked Aleman (18-14) 78-76 in the Chilean Liga Nacional in Wednesday night's game. He was MVP of the game. Alston had a double-double by scoring 26 points and getting 18 rebounds in 40 minutes; quite an impressive performance considering it's only his third season in pro basketball. It was the game of the round between two top 3 ranked teams in group Conferencia Sur. Club Deportivo Valdivia (20-12) is placed second in Conferencia Sur. It was his team's sixth consecutive victory in a row. It's Alston's first year with the team. Alston has individually a very good season with high stats. He averages 22.4ppg, 15.9rpg, 2.0apg, 1.1bpg and 2.0spg in 33 games he played so far.

   #2. Kyle Kilgore (6'7''-F, played in 2013-14, plays in Romania) led Focsani to a victory over the second-ranked Marmatiei (17-8) 98-83 in the Romanian Liga Nationala last Saturday. He was MVP of the game. Kilgore recorded 28 points (!!!) and grabbed 9 rebounds; not bad, considering it's only his second season in pro basketball. It was the game of the round between two top 3 ranked teams in Group Blue. CSM Focsani 2007 (15-10) is placed third. There are only three games left until the end of the Second Stage. So now every game will be critical. This season Kilgore has very high stats. He averages 22.0ppg, 9.0rpg, 1.4apg and 1.2spg.

   #3. Chima Moneke (6'6''-F-95, played in 2013-15, currently in France), who plays in the French ProB (second division) could not help Denain ASC Voltaire (7-15) in their last game. Despite his good performance Denain ASC Voltaire lost 84-95 on the road to the much higher-ranked (#6) SPO Rouen. Moneke recorded 13 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists (made all of his seven free throws) in 29 minutes. It was Denain ASC Voltaire's fifth consecutive loss in a row. It's Moneke's first season with the team. He has relatively good stats this year 12.4ppg, 6.1rpg, 1.4apg and 1.5spg in 15 games.

   #4. Experienced Gjio Bain (6'11''-C-85, played in 2004-06, plays pro in Japan) was not able to help one of league's weakest teams Kagoshima in their game against Saitama Broncos (14-21) in the Japanese B League D3. Despite his very good performance in Sunday night's game Bain was the second best scorer with 16 points. He also added 9 rebounds. Bain has relatively good stats this season 11.4ppg, 9.4rpg and 1.1bpg.

   #5. Buay Tuach (6'6''-G/F-95, played in 2013-15, plays in the NBA G League) contributed to a Westchester Knicks' victory against the Maine Red Claws (19-27) 115-106 in the NBA G League last Sunday. He scored 7 points in only 13 minutes. The Westchester Knicks have 27-20 record this season. There are only two games left until the end of the NBA G League Regular Season. So now every game is very crucial. This year Tuach averages 2.8ppg and 1.8rpg in 13 games.

   #6. Jeffrey Henfield (6'4''-PG-85, played in 2004-06, currently in Bahamas) helped Commonwealth Bank Giants win their game against the closely-ranked Mingoes 79-71 in a derby game in the Bahamas NPBA on Friday night. He recorded 8 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Henfield has relatively good stats this season 10.3ppg, 4.6rpg, 2.3apg and 1.8spg.

   #7. K.J. Bluford (6'1''-G-93, played in 2011-13, plays pro in Spain) helped Quintanar win their game against the 11th-ranked Pozuelo 79-66 in the Spanish EBA (fourth division) in Saturday night's game. He recorded 7 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in 28 minutes. Bluford has relatively good stats this year 10.2ppg and 2.6rpg in 15 games.

   #8. Cameron Adderley (6'2''-G, played in 2010-11, plays in Bahamas) was not able to secure a victory for one of league's weakest teams one of league's weakest teams JD's Seafood Shockers in their game against Mingoes in the Bahamas NPBA. Adderley scored 8 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. His team was defeated 92-82. This season Adderley averages 7.3ppg and 4.1rpg.

   #9. Cyrus Tate (6'8''-F/C-85, played in 2004-05, currently in Germany) managed to help PS Karlsruhe Lions in a victory against the closely-ranked Walter Tigers 100-94 in the German ProA (second division) on Saturday night. He recorded 5 points in 11 minutes. This year Tate averages 7.8ppg and 3.8rpg in 26 games.

Other former Northeast Community College players, who play in pro basketball:

LJ Westbrook (6'4''-G, played in 2014-15) plays for Huracanes de Tampico in Mexican LNBP
Jalen Bradley (6'1''-G-93, played in 2014-15) plays for Jonava in Lithuanian NKL
Earvin Perroni (6'5''-F-94, played in 2015-16) plays for Lorient in French NM1
Anthony Woods (6'2''-G, played in 2013-14) played for Chicago Knights in the MBL few monts ago

Notice: The list above includes only some of the Northeast Community College alumni playing currently in pro basketball. Check COMPLETE LIST.

Khapri Alston

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